Which Corvette Is The Fastest? (SOLVED)

Corvette ZR1

I sometimes wonder where it will end. Having production road-going cars that are capable of over 200 mph is, when you think about it, not very useful. I don’t know about you but I rarely go higher than 150 mph when I’m going to the hardware store. Joking aside, when do any of us really … Read more

McLaren Specs and Data

McLaren Specs

I’m a big fan of McLaren, let’s just get that out there straight away. In fact, I’m so much of a big fan I’m looking to get one in the future. Because of this, I’ve been researching a lot of things online and one thing I’ve struggled with is finding a site where all the … Read more

Is The Ferrari 348 a Good Car?

is the ferrari 348 a good car

For many people, when they are looking at their first supercar they initially look at the older cars as these can be more in their price bracket. Also, when these people are looking at their first foray into supercars they look at arguably, the most popular supercar brand, which would have to be Ferrari. Buying … Read more

Does The Lamborghini Egoista Exist?

does the lamborghini egoista exist

Every so often you see a car that just makes you say ‘wow’. A car so different from others that it sets itself apart. Lamborghini can surely be considered one of the masters at this. I remember seeing the Lamborghini Countach during the 1980s, which to me looked like some kind of spaceship! This is … Read more

Can Supercars Tow?

Can supercars tow

I have to be honest, I’m not sure why this question keeps coming up – but it does so I’m going to put it to bed 🙂 Supercars can serve several purposes but arguably their main raison d’être is just being a luxury item for those that can. So, can supercars tow? Whether a supercar … Read more

Why Do Supercars Lose Control?

Why do supercars lose control

A lot of people must wonder what the big deal is with supercars. Every time they see a video of one it seems to be losing control, spinning out, crashing or in the news for some other reason! Why is this? Do supercars handle so differently than conventional cars that it takes a professional racing … Read more

Do Supercars Depreciate?

Supercar depreciation is one of the most important areas to look into before taking the plunge into the world of exotic cars. Once you take your first step, you won’t want to retrace it. Before you commit to your dream car, it’s prudent to take into account what it will be worth in the future … Read more

Why Do Supercars Backfire? (with videos)

Why do supercar exhausts backfire?

As a supercar fan, you’ve no-doubt seen countless videos where one of your favorite cars is flying through a tunnel with flames coming out of the back and making a sound that resembles something you’re more likely to hear on the 4th of July. Personally, I think it sounds awesome but why exactly does it … Read more

Do Supercars Have A Clutch Pedal?

Do supercars have a clutch pedal

Your typical supercar is unlike your run-of-the-mill mass-produced car for the mass market. Typically made from composite materials including carbon fiber for increased strength and weight-saving properties they are an example of how far technology and advancements in power delivery have evolved over time. Each set of supercars for that period and generation show how … Read more

Which Supercar Has The Best Sound?

What is the best sounding supercar?

A supercar comprises many components and the things that turn your regular exotic car into something special may be different to each and every one of us. For instance, raw power or handling? Sleek aerodynamic looks or do you prefer a muscle car? These things are indeed all important but the one thing that absolutely … Read more