Best Supercar YouTube Channels

I’ve lost count how many Supercar channels I’ve subscribed to over the last 10 years. It’s difficult to keep up with them as there are more and more coming through every single day. Being a Supercar vlogger is something that many people would consider to be their dream job. Imagine the lifestyle. Driving the best … Read more

Which Supercars Hold Their Value?

More and more people these days are finding themselves, eventually, in their dream car. Well, maybe not their ultimate dream car but certainly there are many supercars that are becoming accessible to a lot more people, due to some great finance deals being made available. However, what this means is that more people are owning … Read more

12 Things All Supercar Owners Experience

You will think that you’ve thought of everything before buying your first supercar. However, there are some things that may surprise you about the experience. Some of these things are good and some, not so much… There is more to supercar ownership than just driving it from one meet-up to another – find out what … Read more

Why Do Supercars Need Trickle Chargers?

If you go into any supercar showroom you will notice that there is a wire that goes into each car, usually (but not always) this will come from a small box. This small box will be plugged into the mains somewhere, often coming down from the roof. It’s a lot less likely to see this … Read more

15 Best Supercars for Under $100k

Porsche 911 Turbo S

For many of us, owning a supercar is quite high on our lists of things we must do at some point during our lives. Perhaps, arguably, even higher than it ought to be but for me, I knew from the day I first saw a Lamborghini Countach in the 1980s that at some point I … Read more