Is The Ferrari 348 a Good Car?

is the ferrari 348 a good car

For many people, when they are looking at their first supercar they initially look at the older cars as these can be more in their price bracket. Also, when these people are looking at their first foray into supercars they look at arguably, the most popular supercar brand, which would have to be Ferrari. Buying … Read more

Is the Ferrari California Reliable?

For many people, the Ferrari California is their first step into a life-long exotic-car journey. For those lucky enough to have enough money to splash out on such an extravagance, often the Ferrari California is one of those considered first. There is a good reason for this as it offers many things to many types … Read more

Is the Ferrari 360 a Good Investment?

When buying a supercar there are numerous things you have to consider. On the very top of that list (narrowly above ensuring your other half won’t divorce you after buying it) is how much it is going to cost you. Of course, there’s a small minority of people who don’t have such money concerns and … Read more

Is the Ferrari 458 Reliable?

Is the Ferrari 458 reliable?

One of the main concerns anyone thinks about when potentially getting into supercar ownership is whether the thing is going to be reliable or not. It’s one thing saving up for years and years to be able to get yourself into a position where you might just be able to afford to buy (or finance) … Read more

Are Ferraris Overpriced?

Are Ferraris overpriced?

This is a question that is difficult to answer – however, that doesn’t mean we can’t answer it, just that it won’t be easy. There are so many variables involved that the only way you can even attempt to answer it is to generalize. Many people’s first reaction when they discover just how expensive these … Read more