Is The Aston Martin V8 Vantage Reliable?

Is the Aston Martin Vantage V8 reliable?

There are many things one needs to consider when buying a supercar. The most obvious is the financial obligations, particularly if financing. You will need to commit for most likely several years to a monthly payment that is often equivalent to a mortgage! Often, people when buying a supercar will not consider all the costs, … Read more

Are Aston Martins Hand Built?

Are Aston Martins hand made?

Aston Martin has a very distinguished heritage. It has a history it is rightly proud of (and has learned lessons from) and there is significant value in this. How much value exactly is impossible to quantify but when you are running one of the more iconic brands in automotive history, you need to take care … Read more

Is Aston Martin British?

Is Aston Martin British?

Some things are unmistakeably British: Her Majesty the Queen, James Bond, the red buses, black taxis. What about Aston Martin? Whether it’s the DB5 or DBS V12, the Aston Martin and James Bond go together like strawberries and cream. Is Aston Martin British? The answer may surprise you. Aston Martin is a British motor company … Read more