Can I Afford a Supercar?

You may be surprised to discover that you can afford a supercar.

This is the question I was asking myself since I had my first job – a paper-round when I was about 15. I wondered whether $10 a week enough to own my first Lamborghini? After some very careful math, I came to the disappointing conclusion that at that stage, no, it would not be possible to own and run a Lamborghini. However, it was enough to buy lots of car-based magazines and sweets, which is what I did with the money most weeks!

Now, if I’d kept that money and invested it and combined with compound interested, according to my rather advanced calculations I’d have a Pagani right now. Probably.

Joking aside – a question I get asked quite a few times is related to how much money you need to be able to buy a supercar. So, let me answer this for you right now.

There is a good chance you can afford a supercar if you meet some simple criteria. With finance deals more attractive (I should state that I’m not affiliated with any so I am 100% impartial) than they used to be, more and more people are discovering they can now afford a supercar. It is important that you don’t fall into a few common traps though – please take a look at the below for more information.

What type of people own supercars?

The truth is that all kinds of people own one. I know this is true as I’ve got one! I’ve had a Lamborghini Gallardo since 2018 and I can assure you that people don’t get any more normal than me. Although, my wife may disagree with me!

Naturally, there is a small percentage of those with so much money that buying a supercar is a lot like buying a toy. Well, in some respect, it’s exactly like buying a toy. Whether they’ve inherited the money, have rich parents or decided to put everything on ‘red’ in Las Vegas, some people just have stack loads of cash. In many ways I’m jealous of these people but..actually, there is no ‘but’ – I’m just jealous of these people!

Do you need to be rich to own a supercar?

We all have a different idea of what ‘rich’ actually means. Being rich may have nothing at all to do with financial wealth. It could be a good job, a nice home and just being comfortable. For most though, it probably means having enough money to not have to worry about things, such as mortgage or rental payments.

Can I afford a supercar
My Lamborghini Gallardo in the South of France last year

If the latter is how you define ‘rich’ then absolutely ‘no’ – you do not have to be rich to own a supercar. In fact, far from it. Take me for instance. I have a large mortgage with many years left to pay it off. I have some savings but certainly not enough to retire on, far from it. I have a pension but one that I can’t access for another 10 years and even at that time when I am able to access it, I won’t exactly be well off.

I do have a good job but I’m certainly far from a millionaire. So, anyway – why am I banging on a lot about me here? Well, I just want to make the point that I’m certainly a long way from being ‘well-off’ – but I was able to buy a Lamborghini Gallardo a couple of years back. I have no regrets and I’m able to afford it.

So, you certainly don’t have to be rich to own a supercar.

What supercar can I afford?

Ah, now this is getting interesting. Of course, there’s one massive variable that we need to talk about. How much can you afford? My first supercar, as I said, was a Lambo – the baby Lambo admittedly, but a Lambo none-the-less. I guess it also depends on what you consider to be a supercar! More on this later.

How do people pay for expensive exotic cars?

There are a couple of ways that people buy supercars. However, the vast majority of people will finance their supercars. There are very good reasons for this. Finance means you’re not sticking all your money into one thing. By managing the payments over a period of time it still leaves you with a chunk of money to do other stuff with, like a house renovation or perhaps an emergency that requires capital.

Of course, financing your supercar will come at a cost but that’s the price you pay to keep a big chunk of your money safe.

You can buy one too…

There are many things to consider when looking into buying a supercar. Many things that if you haven’t done it before and don’t know what you’re doing can and will cost you a lot of money. I have been through this process before and learned a lot – mainly by making quite a few mistakes!

You may be surprised to learn that there is a very good chance that you can, actually afford that supercar of your dreams. It doesn’t have to cost you the Earth.

Can I afford a supercar
My Lambo at the old Reims GP circuit

Most people don’t realize that they are already in the position to be able to buy and afford a supercar. It is a big commitment but if you know what you’re getting yourself into – your life will change. This isn’t hyperbole, life just seems better when you have a supercar!

For me, it first dawned on me several years ago when I was in the market for a Lotus Elan (the new shape) and I was chatting to the garage about it and how much I could afford per month. They then told me that actually, if I wanted, for just a little bit more I could find myself in a Lotus Elise! I loved the Elise but didn’t realize it was obtainable with my budget.

Can I Afford a Supercar?
My 2013 Gallardo in Arancio Borealis

Moving on quite a few years and after owning a 2013 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 in Borealis Orange which I purchased in early 2018, I’m now driving a 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4. It’s an astonishing car and I still have to pinch myself when I get into it as I can’t quite believe it’s mine!

I’m not rich though, not by a long shot. I financed the Gallardo (and now the Huracan) over 4 years and it’s surprisingly easy to buy one of these things – if you know what you are doing. Which I, most certainly, did not! I learned many lessons during the process which if I’d known at the time would have saved me literally thousands!

I’m now looking at buying my next supercar and applying the tricks I should have used a couple of years ago has made the whole process a lot easier.

The main concern though when committing to a supercar is the expense, and it is right to be concerned about this as there are many additional costs to owning a supercar that you may not have realized.

If you’re interested in how people buy supercars or indeed if you are looking yourself, I have created a book with all the information that you need. This book gives examples of what the different finance packages are and also some examples (including the actual figures that I am paying).

In addition to this though, it details all the extra costs that you will need to take into account during your ownership. Honestly, if I had the information that is contained in this book a couple of years back I would have saved myself thousands. There doesn’t seem to be anything else with this info currently available – which is why I thought I would make it!

The book will help you answer:

  • How to choose your supercar (and what to avoid)
  • How much you can realistically afford (and how to prove it)
  • Alternatives to finance
  • How to understand what the current market is for the supercar you are thinking of buying – this will enable you to quickly understand whether the car in the garage is well price – or not
  • What are the extra costs associated with owning a supercar (many you will most likely not have thought of)
  • What are the risks in owning a supercar?
  • How to sell your supercar and move on when you’ve scratched that itch

As well as much more.

The cost of this during the sale is just $9.99 (around £8 for our UK audience and around 9 EUR for our European friends).

Note that after the sale period has been completed, the book will go back to its usual price of $49.99 – which, considering how much it can save you, is still good value for money!

Which, when you consider that this information would have saved me thousands (literally, thousands) if I’d had this knowledge – is rather good value.

All the information contained within the book is based on my own personal experience. It’s not something I’ve just read and then trying to sell on to others. This is my personal experience of how best to manage the whole process and particularly – understanding whether you can afford that supercar right now, or whether you should wait it out just a little bit longer.

Your download will consist of the book in a compressed .zip file which contains the file in three formats to suit your preference (.doc and .pdf).